Short Story Sci-Fi: My Baby’s Extraterrestrial Abilities

Sandy Ingram
6 min readJan 4, 2022
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Our baby was only nine months old and already, the U.S. government was hunting him down. They said it was only a precaution and they needed all newborns whose parents worked at the Radis Laboratory to register each newborn within one month of their birth.

We’d done everything in our power to hide my pregnancy and Jason’s birth.

It was 18 months since the internal spill at the lab, who was contracted to do research for the military. Somehow the spill spread outside of the control zone. Whatever the virus or mutation that escape, it was clear the transmission went air born soon after the spill.

I’m Becky. Robert, my husband of two years worked as a senior accountant at the Radis Laboratory Company. He worked directly for one of the Senior Vice-Presidents. The accounting department was nowhere near the control zone, yet the government insisted ALL newborns be registered. Office personnel never went near the lab area, and we had no understanding of why the company and the government insisted all babies to be registered.

Jason was the love and the fear, of my life. He would play in the middle of the living room in his play pen, and suddenly a strange look would come over his face. His movements would stop, and for a few seconds it was like he was frozen in time. Each time this happened, something, a vase on the mantel, a glass on the table, a toy on the couch, whatever, was near, would become airborne.

The result was always the same. The object would fall and crash to the floor. My parents and I were terrified. We were terrified of registering Jason with the US government, and we were equally terrified of not registering him.

We knew all newborns were still at home with their parents but were part of a special health program. I couldn’t help but to wonder if Jason too, should be in a special program?

The government sent military officers to each employee’s home after the incident. The military officer was escorted by two armed soldiers. One solider stood outside the front door, while the other solider stood inside, near the front door.

The Major was friendly enough, he asked questions about our family, how many kids we had, and what were our future, just…

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