Iraq Collects Oil Revenue in US Dollars

Sandy Ingram
2 min readSep 10, 2021

Several videos back, the channel reported Iraq increased its US bond purchase by $21billion USD. Now we are understanding more why Iraq enabled this transaction. At least 80 to 85% of all of Iraq’s oil transactions are done in US dollars. So when Iraq sells billions of dollars in oil revenue, you must remember that is billions in US dollars, not the Iraqi Dinar. (Research Article)

Whereas we want to see the Iraqi Dinar increase in value, we find Iraq is doing just fine using US dollars.

Our leading story in this video shows greed and jealousy, and it is not about money, but water. Now, this is a third river in Iraq that the news media has not talked about, The Sirwan river which turns into the Diyala river when it reaches Iraq is the river in question. View video for details.

When you review the map you can see why Iran may believe the contents of this river should be theirs . Iran stopped the flow of the river by building a dam and a 29-mile long tunnel to return the water from the river back into Iran, leaving Iraq high and dry. As the rivers in Iraq shrink. Iraq thirsts for regional cooperation.

There is no doubt Turkey and Iran are stopping the flow of water into Iraq by building dams.

Now, you may ask how does this affects our IQD investment? The answer is easy. If Iraq is finding it difficult to sustain itself as an independent nation, we all must be concerned.

This summary provided by Sandy Ingram the host and reporter on the Edu Matrix Channel where news on exotic currencies such as the Iraqi Dinar, the Vietnam Dong and the Zimbabwe Dollar is reported..

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