A Funny Story; Coco and Zicatela, Mexico

Sandy Ingram
4 min readNov 10, 2021
My open-aired Airbnb rental in Zicatela, Puerto Escondido, Mexico

While traveling to the southern part of Mexico, approximately 474 miles from Mexico City to Puerto Escondido, a traveling expat, met a new friend, named Coco

Coco, was a purebred white pit-bull, whose owners, a young couple, lived in the downstairs apartment in a popular vacation rental unit just outside of Puerto Escondido. The unit was located right across the street from the beach and the Pacific Ocean.

If you know anything about pit bulls then you know they have a tendency to believe themselves to be human. For some strange reason, they do not view themselves to be a family pet or just a dog. A family member, yes, but just a dog, no. The old saying that people treat you like you believe yourself to be, holds true, when it comes to many pit bulls. Coco belonged to one family in the neighborhood, however he really was the neighborhood dog.

Coco would visit the hotel across the street where the staff would call him by his name and pet him on his head or back. He had a quality about himself of not being too friendly and not visiting the hotel staff too often. Maybe every third day, Sandy would see him walk through the hotel front door like he was human. A few minutes later he would slowly walk out of the hotel and sit in the middle of the street until a car approached. He would then slowly get up and move to another spot. Everyone knew him, and Sandy, the new lady from the US, became a fan as well. After all, Sandy was a digital nomad who spent many days and weeks alone, while working online.

Coco became a welcome encounter for the digital nomad ex-pat. He would come up the stairs to visit her maybe three or four times a week. Sandy always purchased expensive dog snacks from the Oxxo store to give Coco when he visited. Although he knew he would get a treat when he visited, he still did not visit often. His owner tried to get him to stop coming up the stairs, but Coco would sneak up the stairs when his owner was not home. One of the other Airbnb guests was not impressed with Coco’s visits. As soon as she left, Coco was free to visit Sandy with no problems. He seemed to understand when it was safe.

Sandy Ingram

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